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Dr. James C. Wang D.P.M.
Present technology forces patients to be immobilized and non-weight bearing for extended periods of time. Dr. Wang practices new techniques in sports medicine that prevent cessation of physical activity and help his patients fully recover. He is also excited about new technology that he has pioneered and teaches to other foot and ankle specialists that allow patients to walk immediately and recover faster.
Dr. Wang has published several papers in podiatric and orthopedic journals describing several innovative surgical procedures that he has pioneered. He lectures two to three times a month nationally and internationally on these topics. Dr. Wang is instrumental in teaching other foot and ankle surgeons these innovative techniques.

Dr. Wang is among 1% of all podiatrists who completed a four year surgical residency in advanced foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. The majority of podiatrists receive one or two years of residency.

He prides himself in his commitment in providing his patients only the best and ethical treatment of all foot and ankle problems and deformities.

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